Friday, 20 October 2017

A return to the Book of Moments

Last week I told you about the Seth Apter workshops I went on.   So often I go to workshops and don't finish the project so this time I determined that I would finish the book.

Here are the pages I did after the last blog post.

The fronts of all the pages.

The backs of all the pages

A very short video of the book so far.

I think the pages may need some scribble and splatter but that can be done anytime.  Or maybe even add some more elements to some of the pages.  But for now I shall consider it done.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Big sand dunes, big trees and big boulders

Welcome back to our trip around the Northlands of North Island, New Zealand.

Our last three days in the area featured the largest sand dunes in the world, enormous boulders and the second largest trees in the world.

Sadly this photo doesn't really do justice to how tall these sand dunes actually are.

We drove along the tourist drive until we came to the Hokianga Ferry.

This took us to Rawene where we booked into a B&B.

This is is the pretty front door of the B&B The Postmaster's Lodgings.

We visited Clendon House arriving just as the guide was beginning a talk about the history of the place.

Then we took a drive to Wairere Boulders.

The path around the site is mostly well defined although there were some narrow places to get through

and sometimes the path seemed to disappear.

I earned my 'mountain goat certificate' scrambling over some of these large boulders.

The next day as we travelled we stopped off at different spots to view intersting landscapes, a waterfall and view the large Kauri trees.

These were still sand dunes but some of the sand seemed to have hardened into rocks.  I always though rocks eroded into sand but there you are!

The Waiotemarama Waterfall.

Then on to the Kauri trees.  This tree is thought to be at least 2000 years old.

And a walk through the forest.

We spent the last morning in New Zealand visiting the Kauri Museum.  It was a very comprehensive museum about the Kauri tree and the amber that is taken from it.  I spotted these in the room displays.  I was supposed to be looking at the amazing furniture!

Then we were off to the airport and our flight to Sydney.  Next time - In and around Sydney, Australia.

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Seth Apter Workshops

I'm interrupting my armchair travel guide to New Zealand & Australia to share the workshops that I did last weekend at Art from the Heart with Seth Apter.

On Saturday Seth presented 'The Book of Moments'.  He showed us an easy way to bind two book covers together.

And then we made the pages.  I'm really pleased with how much I got done in one day.   I love Seth's teaching style - structured technique in the morning and supervised play in the afternoon.

I have the backs of all these pages to collage and one more doublesided page to make.  I am thinking of using 3 tags instead for the missing page.

Sunday brought us 'Cutting Room Floor' where we altered photos and then made a background and collaged one of the photos.

I took these two photos with me amongst others and below you can see how I worked into them and colourized them.

This one was a black and white version of the photo above.

I didn't change very much of this one.

For the afternoon's collage, I painted the background

I looked through the collage elements I had taken with me and came up with this layout.

It didn't look quite the same when I had stuck it down but that doesn't matter.  I added some finishing touches.

Here are the links to previous blog posts for Seth's workshops.
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52 Card Pick-up and the finished project.

If you have enjoyed looking at the work I've done in Seth's workshops why not check out his DVDs and Downloads.   You can buy Seth's DVDs direct from his online shop or if you're in the UK you can download them from the Northlight Shop.

Have fun!

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