Monday, 20 October 2014

Advent in November: Ponder

The second of the preparation posts for Pause, Ponder and Prepare can be found here.  It looks at how you might use the Advent Study.

In my previous preparation post I talked about getting all my stash together.  Today I want to look at what I shall use for my Advent Study.   I had thought about making an altered book but decided not to.  If you want to find out more about making an altered book there are some posts about it here and here.

Whilst sorting out my stash I found the book I prepared for Diane's Advent Study in 2010.  I had bought a Teresa Collins kit to do Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas in and then decided to incorporate the study.  I made the book and then did nothing with it!

I decided I would use something I already had.  I'm a firm believer in encouraging people to use what they have and not to go out and buy something and so I thought it would be good to practise what I preach.  I had bought a Prima Mixed Media Journal because I liked the one I was given in a workshop with Finnabair.
It doesn't have quite enough pages for 25 double page spreads but then I remembered the other journal and took 2 pages out of that.

I took the journal to pieces by pulling the spiral binding apart very carefully.

And removed the pages.   I am not going to use the plastic wallets that came with it.

Then I put the white and kraft pages alternately.

So then I pondered.  Should I paint the pages?  Use scrapbooking techniques? Use the book to store the Advent Calendar tags in as well as the study?

And then!

And then

I decided I couldn't get my head round all that I needed to do with the Prima journal so went back to the 2010 journal and recycled it with new 2014 tickets and a few changes elsewhere.

First of all I started working on the date tickets.  I used punches to cut out squares, circles and stars.  I did the first 6 pages - you can see what I mean here:


And then I decided I didn't like it.   Do you have problems like these?   The decision making process for a project is the hardest part for me.

I found I still had some of the original kit left and found enough bits to redo the whole ticket bit.

So now I have a complete book ready to go.

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His Kingdom Come

Come and join the new online Christian community called His Kingdom Come!  Launching November 1, 2014

Find out more at Adore Him Creations.

Saturday, 18 October 2014


During the week I went to The Bramble Patch with  my friend Helen to take a workshop with Gillian Travis.  I love doing workshops with tutors who are passionate about their subject but who are also willing to share their knowledge so that you learn from all their experiments  including their mistakes - giving us a fast track if you like to the results.  Gillian is exactly one of those - not only sharing her knowledge but allowing us to photograph her work and trace her drawings so we could use the shapes.  This is some of her work.

You can see more here.

We started the workshop being shown about Notan and Counterchange.  We used small squares of paper and worked in our sketchbooks.  I took photos of each stage rather than making each stage.

And then went totally mad

I worked in fabric after that using batik type cotton.  Rather than making each square separately I used one piece of backing fabric.  This should now be put onto wadding and machined.  These are 4 inch squares.

Then I tried another version still not strictly adhering to the instructions - which actually made it more difficult for me!   These are 3 inch squares.

So I have taken the idea and started working on these pieces.  I almost followed the instructions.  I made the 2.5 inch squares up in the way that we had been taught but instead of using wadding I've used pelmet vilene.  This may well make it more difficult to free machine but we'll see.

Currently they are very monotone but a visit today to a quilt shop might supply some other fabric!

I'll let you know how I get on.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Advent in November: Pause

The first of the preparation posts for Pause, Ponder and Prepare can be found here.  It talks about how the Advent Study and Calendar will work.

Let's pause and think about what we are going to do.  Are you going to do the study, the calendar or both?

While you're thinking about that go through all your stash and find all your Christmas related stamps, stencils, papers, paints, ribbons, embellishments and anything else you can think of.   One of the best things I learned from Shimelle was to get together all the stash you need for a project.

I thought I hadn't got many Christmas story stamps so I bought lots from a decluttering group on Facebook.  Beware!  Check what you have first.  When I put it all together this is what I have.  Overload!

I have rather less stencils and embossing folders.  You can use embossing folders as stamps as well as putting them through your embossing machine.

I have a box that I put embellishments and other Christmas related items in.

It's well worth tidying it up so that you can actually see what you have.

And I had lots of scrapbooking paper in a bag. It's well worth spending the time now sorting the papers into colour schemes.

I also found some old Christmas cards which I had kept.  They are useful for design inspiration or for cutting up.

And lastly I found some tags I had made either with Tim Holtz online 12 Tags of Christmas or at a workshop with Anneliese Bates.  These are also useful for design ideas.

At this point I have rather a lot of stuff and will need to think about what I actually want to use.  Do I want to use a mixed media approach to my tags or a more scrapbooking type look.  Decisions! Decisions!

In my next preparation post I'm going to look at preparing my book for the Advent Study.

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sneak Peeks

My friend Diane and I are working together on a creative Advent Study and Advent Calendar.  This is the first time I have collaborated with anyone online and it has been really enjoyable and worthwhile.  I hope Diane feels the same especially when I've set deadlines!

Our idea is that through November people can make a journal for the study and a calendar ready for use in December.  They do not strictly cover the Church Advent season but cover December 1st to December 25th so that the project can be used year after year.

The project is called Pause, Ponder & Prepare and it has a blog dedicated to it.  You can sign up for emails so that you don't miss a day of the project.

But you don't have to wait until November.  Introductory and preparatory blog posts start on Tuesday, 14th October.   There will be two more posts on October 21st and 28th to help you sort out what to do.

I hope that you will join in.  Visit Pause, Ponder and Prepare and scroll down to the bottom of the page and put your email address where it says Enter your Email and click on Subscribe me!

I hope you have enjoyed the sneak peeks on here today.
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Friday, 10 October 2014

Looking back

I've been looking back at my blog posts and thought I would share this one from October 10th 2011

This month I thought I would share 10 of my favourite photos.

1.  This photo was taken by a friend last October and is the best photo we have of the two of us.

The next 5 choices are my favourite photos taken this year with my Nokia phone.

2. The Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy

3. My favourite beach: Broadhaven South

4. A layout from the charity crop I attended

5. Sunset in Northern Ireland

6. Tenby

Back to my Panasonic.

7. The Giant's Causeway

8. A bullrush.

9. A butterfly

10. My favourite person.  This was taken (with my phone) 10 days after Roger had a serious back operation.  We walked round Shustoke Reservoir on my birthday.  He had been walking a mile in the morning and a mile in the afternoon but this day we did 1.75 miles in one go which was a bit much!

You can see other 10 on the 10th blog posts by going to Shimelle's blog and looking at all the blog posts listed there.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

First Ever

This was my first ever blog post on NewlyCreative.  26th January 2008
Today is going to be a day of firsts ~ I hope. Certainly the first time I've set up a blog. I read Kelly Rae Roberts' article in Cloth Paper Scissors and thought I would have a go. Where will it lead?

10-ish years ago I finished my City & Guilds Creative Embroidery Part 2 and continued to embroider for a little while. I had little or no confidence in my art ability and eventually life and work got busy and put it all away. I sold some of my books and the materials and gave lots of stuff away. However as my son was doing art at school all the paints, crayons and mixed-media stuff remained in the cupboards.

Last August I realised that I needed to get creative again. I'll blog that experience another time. Anyway ~ I signed up to do the online course 'Creative Sketchbooks'. My tutor is Catherine Nicholls and she is sooooooo supportive. The first few modules were about technique and it has been great to revisit things I knew and to discover new ideas. At the end of Module 8 I had to research the use of sketchbooks. My view had been that sketchbooks were where you experimented with ideas for a larger piece of work. However during the research I found out about Art Journals ~ what joy. I've bought some books and I've start my journal already. One of the pages is about the fact that I recently resigned from my job as Church Administrator. I will leave on 31st March after nearly 13 years.

I have no idea what I am going to do. I know I will have time to spend doing creative things. Watch this space!