Sunday, 20 April 2014

Rejuvenate 2014

One of the reasons for the timing of my trip was to be able to attend Rejuvenate, a ladies only Friday evening and all day Saturday retreat organised by Betsy and other lovely ladies from The House in Palm Bay.

The Retreat Center is part of a school and church campus.  Each room is individually decorated by a sponsoring person.  Each room has a scripture attached to it.  Mine was Nahum 1:7  The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.  He cares for those who trust in him.

On the Friday evening I showed the ladies how to make a notebook which they personalised.

And on the Saturday we were taught by these amazing ladies.  Carol Wheatley.  The photo isn't quite sharp but I love the idea of the finger of God poking Carol in the back.

And Laura Wallace

And here they are doing a Q&A session.  When they do this they are like a tag team!

We all had a great time both spiritually and socially.

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Georgia on my mind

Whilst I was in Florida I took a little trip to Blairsville, Georgia to visit another Internet friend, Kim.  We met through online classes and kept in touch via Facebook.

I flew from Melbourne International Airport (which is a big title for a small local airport in Florida) to Atlanta where I was met by Kim and her husband Jeff.  They drove me through Atlanta and to their home.

Central Atlanta

Georgia countryside through th car window. 

And into the mountains

 Pear trees in blossom

Kim's home in the woods

On the Monday the weather wasn't wonderful but we had a full day touring around nearby towns and countryside in Georgia and North Carolina.

First we stopped off for breakfast in this cafe.

Then we were off.  The grey skies reminded me of home!  Some of the places that Kim would have liked to have taken me were closed because it was Monday or because they were still operating Winter closing times but the John Campbell Folk School was open.  There were some of the students work in the gardens.


And some beautiful trees which grew wild along the roadsides.

And some Hellebores.

We also went to a town called Helen that likes to think that it's Swiss.  By the time we got there it was properly raining.

On Tuesday we went to Chattanooga to meet up with another Internet friend, Judy for an arty playdate.   Judy has the most amazing gift of hopsitality and she brought lunch with her and loads of art supplies.  Here's Kim painting.

We met in a lovely building in the park.

On another building there was a carousel.

And yes I saw the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

And then we went to have tea at the English Rose Tearoom.

On Wednesday Kim took me to the Neal Pass along the Appalachian Trail before driving through the mountains to a shopping mall where I could indulge myself at Barnes & Noble before taking me to the airport for the return journey to Florida.

This was breakfast on the way.

A great trip.  Thanks y'all!

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Just back from the United States

Over the next few days I'm giong to blog some of my photos from my recent trip to Florida and Georgia.   You will be relived to know you won't get to see all 260 of them.  Actually that's quite a small number for me to have taken over 2 weeks!

I arrived in Orlando on Tuesday April 1st to stay with my dear friends Kenny & Betsy.  They are my daughter-in-law's parents and I love going to stay with them.

On April 3rd I went to have an art playdate with an Internet friend, Diane.   As you can tell from Diane's blog if you just nipped over to read it, we have been friends through various online classes and Facebook for quite a while and it was great to meet up with her.  She only lived 5 miles away from Betsy.

We talked and talked and talked.  And we played with the Gelli Plate.  Here are the prints we made.  We ddin't record what we did so I've no idea which ones were the first pull or the second pull or in which order we added layers so the following are shown just as I took the photos - somewhat randomly!

I bought some postcards for us with our first name initials on and we decorated the back and gave them to each other.  This is the B and the D that I did for Diane.  The backgrounds were made with the Gelli Plate.

And here are the ones that Diane made for me.

And here they are taped into my Documented Life Planner.

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