Friday, 27 November 2015

Textile Artists

During this 30 day blogging challenge I have shared with you about mixed media artists who have influenced me and blogs that I follow.  Today I thought I would tell you about some of the Textile Artists I follow online.   Interestingly when I compiled the list I realised that I have met all of them and done real-life workshops with them.

Hilary Beattie
I met Hilary at a two day workshop at The Festival of Quilts where she crammed in all that subsequently became 12 days spread over a year as Make It Personal.  This was the collaged piece that is still not stitched!

Steph Redfern
I started making this textile book at a Steph Redfern workshop at The Bramble Patch.  It took me a while to finish it but I'm pleased to say that I did.

Ineke Berlyn
This is a zigzag book I made as a result of a day's dyeing workshop at Ineke's studio.  I showed how it developed here.

Linda & Laura Kemshall
I have done two online Creative Sketchbook classes with Design Matters and a day's workshop at Laura's studio.   This was the book I made from the class.

Anne Brooke
I haven't done a textile class with Anne but I spent a day at her studio doing a Workbook in a Day class.  I showed my follow up work in this post.

Although most of these textile artists are quilters you can see the mixed media influence.

Next weekend I'm going to a retreat workshop taught by Cas Holmes.  I'm looking forward to seeing what I learn there.

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Thursday, 26 November 2015


Today in the United States it is Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers.

Over the past few years I have run Gratitude art challenges.  The first one was in November 2012: An Attitude of Gratitude.

The second in 2013 was also An Attitude of Gratitude challenge.

However by 2014 I realised it was no good just having the attitude you needed to take action.  And because I wanted to promote the idea that we should be thankful all the year round I posted the challenge in May: The Art of Practising Gratitude.

Each of these challenge blogs is still available and you can work through them at your own rate.  They have prompts, technique challenges and quotes and bible verses to use on your pages.

Have you ever made a gratitude journal?  Leave a comment or better still, you can link your blog page, Instagram photo or flickr photo using the Linky below.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Venice pages

Did I tell you that Gelli Plate printing is addictive?  These are more of my gelli prints.

I scanned some of the prints into my computer so that I could print them out in different sizes.

These were the pages I showed you last week where I had blotted the stencil into my sketchbook.

This week I layered bits of gelli prints - some done on paper and some on deli paper and part of a photograph.

I started on a new double page spread making a collage of some of my gelli prints and the smaller prints from my computer.  THe black pattern on the left looks as though I printed directly onto the gelli print but I actually did it onto repair tissue and glued it down with Soft Gel Medium.

As I was working on these pages I was totally distracted by an article by Michelle Ward in the latest Stampington Somerset Studio magazine.  She showed previews of it on her blog post - Cut it out.

Of course I had to have a go.  My next Venice post will show my attempt.

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